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Name-lena. (pronounced laina.)
Age- 15.
Location- jersey.
5 Favorite bands- underOATH, the Academy Is..., From First to Last, the Used, and Armor for Sleep.
Favorite color- teal.
Favorite song, and by who- I have no idea.
5 Favorite movies- hmm. don't know. I like Adam Sandler movies.
Who is your idle (and why?)- idol? umm. I have 2. James Smith & Teddy Geiger. James Smith is really humble and modest and amazing, and I would love to be able to play guitar like him. And Teddy Geiger because he has an AMAZING voice and I relate to his songs a lot. he's unbelievably talented.
Do you play an instrument?- no. =[
Best show you have attended?- gosh. umm Truckstops & Statelines was amazing. Taste of Chaos and Bamboozle were great last year as well. and the Thrice tour w/ underOATH.
Did you go to Warped tour?- yes. miserable.
Did you see Underoath?- @ Taste of Chaos & the Thrice tour.
Tv show- Steven's Untitled Rockshow.
Other communities you attend- haha too many.
2-5 pictures of yourself (under cut)

halloween 2005. I had long hair. and looked really scary. 
I apologize. (on the left) =]

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