ксюша pevitsa (mf_000) wrote in all_underoath,
ксюша pevitsa

hey! i'm a new)))

Name- Ksenya

Age- 22
Location- Russian Federation
5 Favorite bands- underoath, at the drive in, oasis, fugazi, hanson
Favorite color- uhmm... depends on mood,  actually light colors 
Favorite song, and by who-  down set go by underoath
5 Favorite movies- any kind of movie whith Richard Gere =)))
Who is your idle (and why?)- no idle
Do you play an instrument?- yep guitar a little, in fact i'm a singer
Best show you have attended?-  =((( i'm a loser...
Did you go to Warped tour?- noooo(((
Did you see Underoath?- ohhhh no again
Tv show-  no
Other communities you attend- one more of underoath
2-5 pictures of yourself

p.s if you wish you can listen demo of my band it's on www.eatme.ru/mp3  Sound Dab - Nasty crying(acoustic)  hope you'll like it))))

and that's me

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